Type: Dollfie Plus
Hair: WDP-02S, Straight Natural Gold
Eyes: LD-09 Light Brown

Daughter of a demoness, Ginger spent the last thousand years locked in a tower where she studied arcane arts and read a lot. Now that her younger brother and sister rescued her, she works as a bounty hunter. Her true name, Fandru, means warmth in Inkwraith's language Celabriin. (born July 2003).


Type: Dollfie Plus
Hair: WDP-02S, Straight Pearl White
Eyes: LD-08 Violet

Nesanica's name is Croatian for insomnia. She was created by an evil magician to be his puppet. This evil magician later made the mistake of summoning Ginger's mother, and was instantly dismembered. Nesanica then became Ginger's nanny and friend. (born July 2003).


Type: Dollfie Plus
Hair: WDP-20S, Volume Waffle Natural
Eyes: LD-06 Gray Green

Snovi's name is Croatian for dreams. She is a quiet beauty, the daughter of a minor provincial noble. (born November 2003).


Type: EB Beauty S
Hair: W-27S, One Curl Super Long Natural Gold
Eyes: 008 Beige

Nemu means 'cold' in Celabriin. She is the younger half-sister of Ginger, a wizard in her own right and a deadly manipulator at court, when's she not living the life of a pirate. Nemu's daring rescue freed Ginger from her prison. (born February 2004).


Type: EB Beauty S
Hair: Monique Pinky Red/Blk, Blue/Blk
Eyes: 003 Lavender

Her name is reputed to mean 'nightmares' in Croatian. Mora's agent was unavailable for an interview, unfortunately. (born January 2004).


Type: EB Beauty B
Hair: Monique Trixie Lime Green
Eyes: Glastic Seagreen

A high priestess, Ialantha is known for her unshakeable calm. No greater master of meditation is known. (born January 2004).


Type: EB N body, custom head
Hair: W-75S, One-length straight Copper
Eyes: Acrylic Green

Sindra's name means 'copper' in Celabriin. A king among thieves, Sindra's quick to laugh and quicker to steal your wallet. He loved Sigan unrequitedly until Sigan's untimely death. (born February 2004).


Type: EB C body, custom head
Hair: W-75S, One-length straight Natural Gold
Eyes: Acrylic Green

The younger brother of Sindra, Van's name means 'twilight' in Celabriin. Little is known about him, other than that he has a fondness for shadows. (born May 2004)


Type: EB C body, Dollfie Plus head
Hair: W-75S, One-length straight Natural Gold
Eyes: Lifelike Acrylic Blue

The younger brother of Ginger and Nemu, Sigan's name means 'ash' in Celabriin. He helped Nemu rescue their sister from her doom. He was a good friend to Mora, and loved by Sindra, though he never realized it. Unfortunately, Sigan died of a wasting disease. Nemu and Ginger are studying forbidden texts to find a way to bring him back. (born February 2004).