Links for Pretty Maids

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Places of Interest

Where to Get Your Own

Volks (official website - in Japanese)

Exquisite Tangerine - custom cast heads

Monique - wigs and eyes

MiniWorld Dolls - wigs and eyes

Doll and Hobby Shoppe - Volks dolls

Personal Sites

The Lunar Ark (a mailing list for dollfies)

Den of Angels (a mailing list for super dollfies)

Val's Custom Dollfie Plus Dolls

Volks Perfect File - very informative

Milkshake Melody

Aimee's Superdollfie - lots of information!

Biscuit's Super Dollfies


Fallen From Briah - great photostories




Sink into Dream

Caress of Venus (Japanese mainly)

Ming-Tea Mint (Japanese)

Anime Figure Kit