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What on earth is a Dollfie, you ask?

Some basic information on esthetics

So where does one get these Dollfie Plus dolls?

What are the choices for wigs and eyes and such?

What on earth is a Dollfie, you ask?

Well, let's start with the name. Dollfie comes from "doll" plus "figure". Originally a Japanese phenomenon, it's definitely spreading to the rest of the world. Now, I've only gotten into it recently, and from the edges, so I won't attempt to sketch a complete history or anything. But to continue: Dollfies are articulated dolls approximately the size of Barbies, made by the Japanese company Volks (yes, the site is in Japanese). They come in a variety of shapes and are far more poseable than your average Barbie doll. Normal Dollfies have "decal" eyes, which you attach to a blank head, or you can paint on eyes by hand. Very tricky! Heads are bought with hair pre-rooted, or else you may root it yourself.

But this site is about Dollfie Plus! What's the difference? Well, DPs look a bit more like Super Dollfie (also by Volks) in that they wear wigs and have glass or acrylic eyes set into the head, rather than decal eyes. Er, let's not get into Super Dollfies. They're twice as tall, stunningly beautiful, and far, far more expensive.

Right, then. So is there only one kind of Dollfie Plus? ... Yes and no. According to rumor and hearsay, Volks has produced different DPs, with slightly different faces. That's all I know about that. However, Volks recently has been producing what are called 'Excellent Base Model Beauty' dolls along with all the regular decal dolls. These dolls look suspiciously like Dollfie Plus! In fact, they have hard heads, which won't take rooting but will take wigs, and of course, glass eyes. The body sculpts for these dolls are a bit nicer than DP, in that they stand on their own and so forth. They come with varying bust sizes. For the purposes of this site, we'll usually consider all our dolls DPs.

Some basic information on esthetics:

Our dolls' faces were painted with basic craft store acrylics and a wee little brush (Loew-Cornell 18/0, to be exact). Their eyes are held in with several different materials.... Cloudie used poster putty, I think. I (Ink) used modeling clay. I recommend it, as it never dries out and sticks to things but pulls away quite easily when you want to change or reposition the eyes. We experimented a bit and found that rubber cement holds the top of the head on (and the wig to the head, if the wig's a bit loose, as some of them are).

Speaking of wigs! The Volks wigs are generally snug-fitting. My first one, I was afraid to pull on all the way for the longest time. I really had to yank it down around her head. :D Monique's Barbie size wigs are quite a bit looser, unfortunately. But they offer a change from the Volks styles, so there you are. Volks doesn't sell lime green or red/black mix.

Reason #3492 that Dollfies are superior to Barbies and your run-of-the-mill American fashion dolls: they come apart really easy when you want to put clothes on them. Shirt won't fit over the head? No problem. Off it comes. Hands getting caught in the sleeves? Take 'em off, put 'em back on when you've got the dress on. Cloudie made the handy discovery that several different kinds of American fashion doll shoes and boots will fit dollfies if you remove their feet. I was traumatized at first, but it looks fine. ;) Just be sure to keep track of where you put their feet!

So where does one get these Dollfie Plus dolls?

Japan! Actually, if you live in America, the best place to get them is VolksUSA in Los Angeles. Or check Ebay - people will sell DPs and clothes from time to time. (Many of the clothes for similar type dolls will often fit a DP, but not always).

All right, what are the choices for wigs and eyes and such?

Here is a chart I made that shows the DP eyes currently listed on Volks' site (as of January, 2004). And here are the wigs. They recently added the first nine or so eyes you see. Lastly, Dollfie Plus dolls come in "regular" skin color and "pale". A tan version also exists for DP, but haven't seen it in person. A disclaimer: Volks recently revamped their site. It's likely not all of these options are currently available from them (but there might be new ones). And there's the secondhand market. The images for the links here belong to Volks.

Side note - per request, here are some pictures of the inside of dollfie plus wigs, in case one should ever want to try to make them. omg.

- Inkwraith