About this site

Inkwraith, Cloudtrader, and Silensy are the owners of the dollfies pictured on this site. Photographs taken by Cloudie and Ink; the Pretty Maids website maintained by Inkwraith.

The fonts used in the graphics are Advert, Anagram, DellaRobbia. Brushes are from vbrush (used very sparingly). Pictures were taken with digital (1.3 and 3 megapixel) cameras. Photoshop and Dreamweaver were used (with delight). All images are copyright their owners. Email us if you wish to request permission for use, and please be specific.

The clothing used is a combination of store-bought and handmade. Please see the links section for sites selling the dolls, wigs, and eyes shown on this site.

Contacts: (Ginger) and (Nesanica and Snovi).