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Profile: a little introduction

Elaya Sephare
nickname: Seph

maker: Luts Cerberus Project

type: Dark Elf Soo

birthday: July 25, 2004

errata: default faceup and skintone, Masterpiece Louisiana Iris 19mm eyes, a modest plethora of wigs

history: Seph comes from a long line of arranged marriages and was determined not to marry an elf she'd never met, so she hitched a ride to the world of humans. She lives in a town where humans and elves coexist, sometimes happily, and she has been working on establishing a place of her own. (Hotels are so drafty.) Ages ago, Seph joined a rock band with the twins Quinlan and Sabine and they were all terribly, terribly fashionable about it. (No comment on what the music sounded like.) She seems to have moved on to running a boarding house, however.

nickname: yon round-eared brat

maker: Bluefairy

type: Tiny Fairy Jerome

birthday: February 7, 2005

errata: default faceup and eyes, not a few wigs

history: A mysterious boy child appeared in the midst of rubbish piles and shipping crates on a cold night in deep fog. Seph took in the charming waif (clearly she is mad) and while everyone whispered that she won't last out the month, she and Merrick took to each other like kittens to sunny pillows. When he grows up, Merrick intends to be a knight in shining armor.

Zenobia Catarucia Amalasuentha Key
nickname: Zen ... (also Tinywhee!)

maker: Angelregion

type: Little Genie Lilica

birthday: August 25, 2005

errata: default faceup and 8mm Dollfie Plus grey eyes, several man-eating fur wigs

history: Rumor has it that a diminutive queen exiled from her homeland has been spotted in the cookie jar. Perhaps she is in search of a new kingdom? Uncovered under a sycamore leaf, the Queen of Wee sometimes sheds her royal attire to don wings and cavort amongst the flowers, but she swears she's not a fairy.

Icarian Sheel
nickname: Ian

maker: Cerberus Project

type: Delf Shiwoo

birthday: November 12, 2005

errata: Ink's faceup and grey glass 18mm eyes, Cancan blond wig

history: Seph's foster brother, a boy who was raised by elves and therefore knows all about frolicking in the woodlands, Icarian is well-lettered in mysticism and has no qualms about trying higher magic. He's fought with demons, summoned a few, and chats with elementals for the entertainment. If it's not dangerous, he's probably not interested. Recently he has come to Seph's boarding house to infringe on her hospitality (no surprise), but he comes with a little girl... which is definitely a surprise!

Pippa Lavenderhill
nickname: Pip

maker: Volks

type: Yo-SD Suzuna Sweet Dream

birthday: November 20, 2005

errata: default faceup and acrylic eyes, default wig

history: The beloved and treasured child of an old and titled family, Pippa was discovered at an early age to possess a rare and powerful talent for the mystic arts. Although she can be the quintessential frilly and pink picture of perfect girlhood, she also has a dreamy, mysterious side and is not to be trifled with. When Icarian came to her parents' manor house to perform routine charms, she snagged an apprenticeship with the wizard boy, and off they went.

Emma Lavenderhill
nickname: ~

maker: Cerberus Project

type: Kid Delf Cherry

birthday: December 29, 2006

errata: custom Luts faceup, 18mm blue glass eyes, mohair wig

history: Pippa's older sister, the heir to all things noble and ancient and traditional, Emma was horror-struck when her beloved sister disappeared in the dark of night. Despite her upbringing, her parents, and her society, the well-bred young girl elected to strike out into the world to seek her sister's fate and assure herself of Pippa's well-being. The fight begun between Emma and Icarian on her finding them living like gypsies on the borders of the magic realms has still not ended, so epic was its scale.

status: willful observer

maker: Clone Factory 815

type: Lazy Dreamer

errata: default faceup and eyes, default wig

history: Inkwraith can be found in a teeny little umbrella case in a downstairs closet in a three story rowhouse in West Littlebig. She drinks Earl Grey tea infrequently and for formal occasions, wears elfgowns and trench coats, and on off Tuesdays, she takes walks with Seph on the underside of the rainbow. Ink sincerely apologizes for any confusion between artichokes and the Green Man.