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GALLERY: Letters from Afar

Icarian: ... hmm, Japan is bigger than I thought.

Zen: Hey! Mail's here!
Zen: Aren't you going to bring it in?

Icarian: No. Why don't you?

Zen: *sweatdrop* Hee hee... *erk*

Icarian: Hey, sis! Zen's bringing in the mail. Get your frilly ass in here.

Seph: Excuse me?
Icarian: You heard me. Say, where's Rook and Ikelos?

Seph: Rook is um, 'frolicking' with lady friends. *ahem* And Ikelos is taking a nap. Poor narcoleptic dear. *sits on Icarian*

Pippa: Did someone say mail?
Seph: Sure, honey. Come have a seat.

Pippa: Okay! *plop*

Merrick: Seph...

Seph: *alarmed* What? What's wrong?
Merrick: I think I burnt some toast.

Icarian: *eyeroll*
Seph: Er, that's okay, really. Come have a seat, the mail's coming.

Merrick: ... all... right. *sigh*

Letters: *grunting sounds*

Zen: Aaaaaah!

Zen: It's okay, it's okay. I've got things under control.
Everyone: Yay mail!!

Zen: Okay, first up. Ellette the Pooka... awww. She's such a sweetie. What'd she write? Oh wow! It's for me!
That's so cool! Eeee....!!

Everyone: *sweatdrop*

Zen: *reads* Awwww! She liked my video, guys! Isn't that great? Hey, you've all seen the ones she and her friends do, right? OMGSQUEE. Aww, Clover helped her. Cool. I like Clover. Hmm, maybe I should write back. Awww, I miss you, Ellette!!

Zen: Okay, I guess I'd better get to the other letters.

Zen: Next up *oomph* Pippa!

Pippa: Zzzz--* Wha? Hmm? Oh, wow! Ailani wrote to me!

Pippa: Hello Kitty stationery! So pink. And Lotus too! Aww, I miss you guys.

Pippa: *flips page* I have learned lots of mystic arts! Oooh, I'll have to share with them when I see them again. This could be fun!

Pippa: *flips page* Ailani made a puzzle with her magic, she says! Icarian, can you teach me to do that?
Icarian: Er, no.

Pippa: *flips page* Yay!! She says they're coming home soon! Ailani has to prepare for the flight. Oooh,
Icarian, we'd better work some good luck magic.

Zen: Next!

Zen behind letter: This one is for Seph, from Clover!

Seph: Ooh, I wonder what she wrote.

Seph: *reads*

Seph: *reads*

Seph: *reads*
Everyone: What's it about already!?!

Seph: Oh! She says that an elf has come to them, claiming to be the brother of Rook. How remarkable! I must investigate this for her. Hmm, who to bug... *murmurs to herself delightedly*

Zen: One more letter. Er, sorry, Icarian, you didn't get one.
Icarian: Now you tell me. I'm seriously squished here, guys.

Merrick: Gosh, Kalila actually wrote to me? Wow. *blush*

Merrick: *reads* Sir Dweeb? Okay, that sounds like Kalila.

Merrick: She says they eat a lot of rice in Japan. And she's training to be a ninja. *is now hopelessly jealous*

Everyone: Wow! That was so cool of them!