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Merrick settled in at Seph's place, but the other elves disapprove of his presence. This is a prestigious elven establishment, after all...

Seph: Do those pajamas fit you okay? I'm a terrible seamstress. Back home, I never had to sew anything, there were servants, of course, but here! Well, it's lots of fun but everything I make comes out a bit aplaginous. All pinchy in the armpits and such.

Merrick: Are you sure I can stay here?

Seph: The other elves are giving you trouble? Don't tell me you're going to let a bunch of pointy-eared overgrown brats in frock coats bully you around?

Merrick: Well... they're bigger than me.

Seph: ... I could teach you a fireball spell. Or better yet, one of those tarantella thingies where they can't stop dancing ... *reminisces fondly*

Seph: But really, if anyone gives you any trouble, just let me know. I've sort of been thinking of moving out anyway. There are some apartments south of here that would work out nicely with just a bit of fixing up. Installing running water, perhaps. ^_^ What do you think?

Merrick: Yeah, that would be cool. *sleepy*

Seph: Aw, he's falling asleep on my shoulder.

Merrick (thinking): could she really teach me magic? O_O