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Gallery: January Doll Party at the Huntington
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Lucas, asleep in a rain of rose petals. Such a hard life he leads. :D
Dominique, a Lishe, keeping it cool on the grass. Every incarnation of Lishe is different and they are all beautiful!
Mordred shows off his Invader Zim armbands. His customized head is really fascinating to see in person.
Tiernan, Elf Shiwoo, and Seph, Elf Soo, have a serious discussion.
Why hello there, little one!
Anya shares a secret with Seph. Elfdolls are so so tiny! They are even more delicate than Pocket Fairies.
Lief, Clover, and Rose's Pocket Fairy discuss the importance of being cute on Cloudtrader's Sweet Coron bag.
Pocket Fairy Yoko! She is unutterably cute. She's sitting in the lap of Cloudtrader's Clover, who is a goma Delf elf, so that give you an idea of just how tiny she is.
A shot of Mordred's tattoo, along with the backs of Sabine and Pris.
Quin watches over someone's sweet dreams Lucas.
Seph is tired too. What a busy day!
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