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Gallery: January Doll Party at the Huntington
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Seph relaxes on the grass in the Japanese garden.
She stands! On grass! Oh em gee.
Yue (Hieru's Chiwoo) and Tohya (Rose's Tohya) meet at a tree... well, on a tree.
Cherry blossoms of DOOM! Er, well a pot anyway.
Oscar (Aimee's Lishe) is gracious with Quin (Silensy's El), who was quite, quite taken with her.
Madoka (Aimee's), Sabine (Cloudtrader's Lishe), and Haku (Tsukasa, also Aimee's).
Merethien's Dominique and Mali, protecting their delicate skin from the sun. Smart dolls.
Jun, looking very delicate and feminine. :)
Cloudtrader's Luts Elf Ttory Clover and ... I didn't get his name ;_; is he a Syo? He's very sweet looking.
They both look so thoughtful.
Enter Tiernan, Elf Shiwoo. Suddenly the scene looks so much more punk. ^^
Seph, Mali, Haku, and Quin.
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