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Gallery: January Doll Party at the Huntington
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My pictures from the meet-up. I'm afraid I didn't get everyone's names ;_; or their dolls' names, even with the tags we labeled. Nor did I get a picture of everyone's doll, there were so many! Still, here are a few images for your perusal. :D

Cloudtrader, Silensy and I met with about twenty other doll people at the Huntington. We arrived early for tea, so Seph, Sabine and Quin did a bit of sightseeing first. The ducks were terribly friendly, but surprised to be upstaged in the modeling department.
Yes, we had a tea party with our dolls. >_< Quin called repeatedly for the head of John the Baptist while Sabine balanced precariously in the windowsill and munched on scones. Seph stalked the sugar bowl.
Quin gallantly offers Seph a taste of his strawberry.
Some of the dolls that came! Even more showed up later. We took over a park bench outside the entrance. Lots of people were amazed and intrigued by the dolls, even people who worked there. :D
Another view of the BJD Bench of Doom. There were a surprising number of Luts dolls, possibly more than Volks even. Two Bluefairy, Unoas, one Elfdoll, one Dream of Doll, and I think just one Customhouse.
Lief, Ggoma Delf Bomi, says "yo".
Quinlan Jasper, El. Silensy's doll is so photogenic *sigh*.
Dyer, a Dream of Doll Tender Too, I think? And Mordred, customized FCS Volks boy up top, with Cloudtrader's Sabine in the background.
Merethien's Mali, Customhouse Choa. Even more beautiful than I expected!
Haku, Aimee's Tsukasa in Kohya's gear, with stunning electric blue eyes.
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