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Gallery: Merrick goes exploring
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One fine spring morning, Merrick decides to explore the wilds outside of town.

Merrick: Let's see, trusty sword, provisions for a long journey, sturdy boots... eh, too much effort. I'll just go.
Merrick: hmm, a mysterious grey faerie reading on a pedestal! What luck! Perhaps she will talk to me?
Merrick: Hello, faerie lady. Have you seen any dragons or great wizards around?
Faerie: ...
Merrick: ... -_- Okay, then. Suit yourself.
Merrick: As though a book were more interesting. Hmph! I'm a fairy, too. Sort of. It said so on my box. *pouts*
Merrick: What's through there? It must be more interesting.
Merrick: Gah! Sunlight! It burns, it burns!
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